About Us

Arlington Center for Dentistry is a multi-specialty practice serving the national capital region. Our experienced dentists and dental professionals were trained in premiere institutions in the United States. Combining their years of field experience with personal attention and sensitivity toward patients, our dentists and dental professionals are here to provide the best dental care you can find in this area.

Sometimes our patients need additional care from a Specialist. How often have you encountered difficulties getting an appointment with a Specialist right away on an outside referral? At Arlington Center for Dentistry, you can avoid such inconveniences. Following your visit with one of our accomplished General Dentists, you can be referred directly to an in-house Specialist without delay – even in the same day if schedule permits! When you call for your initial appointment, be sure to let us know if you have any concerns that might need the care of a Specialist. We will do our best to make your General Dentist’s appointment as close as possible to the day that the appropriate Specialist is in.

Our dental professionals are very popular. Although we will always accept new patients, please understand that our dentists’ schedules can be full on your desired appointment date. We promise to do our best to work with your busy schedule.

General Dentists